Jul 23, 2007

Magic hour at the beach

I was reading my friend Sol's blog today and he was talking about the so called "Magic Hour" or "Golden Hour," whatever you want to call it. Basically it's the hour before sundown when the light is such a nice orangey color and it makes things, especially people, look particularly good.
Anyways, on my way home tonight I realized that this magical time was upon me and thought I'd take advantage of it, especially since we've had four straight days of rain. I don't shoot a whole lot at the beach, kinda weird for living on the coast I guess, but couldn't resist tonight. Apparently neither could this man, who was out to shoot some pix of shorebirds during the golden hour (he was smart, he brought his own bag of bread).
I really like how he's so small in comparison to the vastness of the sky (click the pick to zoom in). Kinda deep, but not profound. Oh! That's a great word game, we should play sometime. The object of the game is to figure out how to play. Here's a sample, I could say umbrella but not parasol. Or I could say green but not red. If you figure it out, drop me an email...


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