Sep 4, 2008

Back to (old/new) school

Just a quick update. This week I've been shooting the first days at the new Ilwaco Middle/High School. I can't tell you how much I love the fact that I get to spend so much time working on this project. I was there for pretty much the whole first day and a fair amount of today and I'll be going back again tomorrow for awhile. My approach is kinda in a street photography way, as I'm just milling about the school, trying to be invisible, wait for things to happen in front of me that are interesting/storytelling. I'm also finding areas in the new building with interesting light and color (and there's a bunch).
I shot a similar piece three years ago when the school, which at that time was a 4-6 school, was closing for a year for remodel (it took a little bit longer than expected...). Part of my plan this week is to make images that can be juxtaposed with some of those as a diptych gallery online. We'll see how it goes.
So far I feel like I've made some images that I like, but I still have more to go. Here's one I made today near the bus departure area. I just love how she is up on tip toes....


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