Sep 26, 2008

That darn cat...

Well, I guess I have something else to do while I have pretty much the next three weeks off ... heal.

Last night after getting back from shooting a volleyball game I had to chase down one of our cats to put him out for the night, but he had other plans. As I went to grab him he leaped toward the stairs and in my attempt to catch him my left hand hit the corner of the wall at the base of the stairs and as it turns out tore the ligaments in two of knuckles on my left hand. Hurt like hell. Still does.
Doctor said it should become less painful and swollen in a few days. And I should regain full range of motion in those fingers — in like 6 weeks....
Of course that didn't help me tonight when I had to shoot a football game with essentially one hand. Despite stabilizing it pretty well in an ace bandage I continued to bump it, sending pain up my hand. Needless to say I didn't shoot very well. You can see what I got here, in a gallery on the Friday Night Sights blog if you're so inclined.
One of my objectives at the game tonight was to get a few more pix of the Naselle cheerleaders for a feature we're doing on them in a couple weeks. Here's a couple others I liked of some girlfriends trying to get some pix of boyfriends.


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