Sep 6, 2008

Game one, game lost

Tonight I shot the opening football game of the high school season, Naselle vs. their rival, Wahkiakum. I'd write more but after driving an hour each way, editing about 1,000 images from the game and posting a gallery to the football blog, I'm pretty tired (is it really 1 am?) .... Perhaps I'll add something more tomorrow?
Anyway, my goal, as I mentioned in an earlier post, was to try and stay away from your average high school football shots — ie; something in the way of like a player running with a ball.... It was tough at times as my mind kept telling me to take the easy way over what I should be shooting and how. For one thing I brought way more gear than I really needed, as I brought both the normal football stuff — long lens, flashes — as well as what I really wanted to use — short lenses, no flashes...
After getting a couple of "action shots" with the 300 2.8, I pretty much hung it from my shoulder the rest of the game, wishing all along that I had left it, and a bunch of other stuff, in the car. In the end though I was happy with what I came away with from this first game.
You can view a slideshow gallery of my pix from the game HERE at the Friday Night Sights football blog

One thing I did not get pix of was post-game reaction from Naselle, due to the fact that after the handshakes I ran after the Wahkiakum player carrying the KM trophy (awarded to the winner of the rivalry game) and had my keys fall out of my hip pack. I spent the next 15 minutes walking over the same 25 yards of turf looking for them — every once in awhile I'd look up and see pix I was missing, which really didn't help anything. Thankfully a Wahkiakum coach found them — thanks!


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