Sep 13, 2008


Last night I traveled to South Bend for Ilwaco's second football game of the season. The Fishermen lost the game, 21-7.
It's been pretty fun to go "old school" as far as shooting football goes for me once again. Patrolling the sidelines with just an 80-200 2.8 and a 20-35 2.8 takes me back to the very first games I shot professionally for the Coos Bay World the fall after I graduated high school in 1995 (and of course at that time wishing I had a long lens and a couple pro strobes). Usually I'd be pretty wired for games, bringing way more gear than I needed, only really shooting for a peak action play and stressing over the action I missed or was out of focus. These last two games I have been way more relaxed. I still get some action, though I'm taking the "tight is not always right" approach with it, and looking more for unusual stuff (see mosquitoes attack below) or emotion.

If you like, you can go to the Friday Night Sights blog to find a gallery of pix from the game HERE
Here are a couple that I liked best:
South Bend QB David Lorton reacts to the umpires call after diving in for a two-point conversion. The score put South Bend up for good.

In the second quarter the Ilwaco sideline was beset by a large swarm of mosquitoes which had their way with the legs and arms of the players. Funny thing though, by the start of the second half, they were gone.

This one just looks kinda strange, which is why I chose it. Here, Ilwaco starting center Tyler Johnson tries to relax as the final minutes tick away while he suffers from bad leg cramps that took him from the game.

And here's one form the other night when I shot the Ilwaco vs. Naselle volleyball match. Once again, just looking for something different. I don't think this shot would work come hoops season, as they only shine the floor before the start of the school year. Scott Strazzante once said that he really doesn't like cliche'd shots like, unless he's the one whose doing them... Of course I feel the same way...


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Michael said...

I love that line from Scott. I'm the same way. I do like the volleyball shot, though. Nice.