Sep 9, 2008

Class is back in session — Back on the Hill

As I mentioned in a previous post, I spent the better part of last week at the new Ilwaco Middle/High School photographing student life in the time of this local milestone. I did the same thing on the last few days before the school closed for renovations and remodeling in June 2005, when it was a 4-6 grade school.
After taking a few thousand frames there last week I got it down to an edit of about 50 pix, which I turn whittled down to nine for the paper this week. But to be honest, I really liked a bunch of the pix that did not make it into the paper. My original plan was to do just a diptych gallery with some photos juxtaposed from last week (on the right) and the final week at the old school (on the left).
I did that, though I'm not totally satisfied with how it ended up. Some of them work well, others are a little bit of the stretch, and there is only like seven in all, which is smaller than I had originally planned. Here's one:
If you'd like to check out the rest of the pix in that gallery CLICK HERE

When I finished up the diptych gallery there was still a bunch of pix that weren't going to see the light of day that I liked, so I threw together another gallery of pix just from last week. It's a little bit larger than I would normally do (it's like 25 pix I think), but I figured it's local history, so what the heck. Here's one of them that I liked quite a bit from picture day:
You can check out the rest of the pix in that PHOTO GALLERY HERE


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